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oh i swear oh i swear~ (promise you baby)


So Ji Sub - InStyle Magazine September Issue ‘14

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"A gargantuan figure blessed with the greatest lightness." My character grew up in the Court of Miracles, which is the 17th-century version of the modern-day ghetto. There were 12 in Paris and the one I grew up in was the biggest and the worst.I don’t know who my father is, my mother died when I was five, so then I basically had to fend for myself. Got into trouble here and there, I was a street thief, you know, a hustler of sorts. But also a romantic, someone who was in need of a family unit and love. The reason why the musketeers regiment is so important for Porthos is that it is the only family he’s ever known. There’s an amazing amount of passion and pride for Porthos in being a musketeer. The Fleur De Lis that he wears on his shoulder guard means the world to him. That brotherhood. 

Fraternity, loyalty, equality - those things are very important to Porthos. 

I liken Porthos to a human hurricane - on the inside, the eye of the storm, you’ll find peace, serenity, beauty… cross him or those he loves, the Musketeers, and you will find yourself in a tempest of discomfort. “

-Howard Charles

Sailor Moon Crystal → Episode 02

↳ Usagi Tsukino

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#Taemin1stWin - Congratulations, Taemin!!~ ^^,♥
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DA:I Multiplayer: First Look
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treat yourself the same way makoto tachibana would treat you

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2PM Comeback Teasers 
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Big Bang TOP - High Cut Magazine Vol.132

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"Don’t you remember your mom and dad?"