Transcendence press conference, April 6th, 2014

The trick, is finding someone who complements you instead of completes you. You need to be complete on your own.



An interview with the creator of ‘American Captain,’ the Steve Rogers diary comic.

Q: The most obvious ongoing theme in American Captain is the fact that Steve is constantly kind of confused and miserable about his life, which was a pretty smart prediction considering the events of the new Captain America movie, in which Steve is a very messed up guy.  How much do you plan on having American Captain fit in with the new canon from Winter Soldier?

A: “Damn, is he messed up. Wow. Damn. I think Chris Evans probably looked at a lot of photos of returning servicemen, because he Thousand-Yard Stares his way through that film like a champion.

And he was messed up in The Avengers, too. The Avengers is a weird movie that seems to try very hard to produce some kind of psychological resolution for its characters, but also, Steve is introduced by literally trying to punch away visual flashbacks to the war in which his best friend died and then he did. I’m sure he felt pretty cool after beating up some aliens in New York, but he’s introduced with an explicit visual depiction of his having PTSD, and that unfortunately doesn’t go away just because you had a victory, or because the world really is as dangerous as your instincts are constantly telling you sometimes. In fact, it’s the “sometimes” that’ll really get you.”

"Steve has always been kind of a dark character. AmCap is really not at a massive disjunct with a lot of the earlier comics. It has less super villains, sure, but probably equal amounts of Steve wandering around internalizing angst. (A good Cap, I think, is about 50% punching, 50% angst).

The other thing about Steve is that he looks like a walking Tom of Finland drawing (IRL, I mean. He doesn’t draw himself like that, and that’s deliberate on my part) but inside, he is, and will probably always be, an awkward, bullied geek. I think, personally, that that has always been a part of his character, too. Specifically the part that explains his dorky dad jokes.”


behold, an excellent interview with the creator of the captain america comic you are going to be weeping into your pillow about in three hours after you’ve read all of it in one achingly painful beautifully crafted sitting, I’M SORRY/YOU’RE WELCOME


gahhh I wanted to paint prototype/caped Usagi being all cool, but then I got hungry. I’m so excited for the Sailor Moon reboot, guys!! 

(prints will be available at Anime Boston // done in gouache)

song qian giving her self made cake to her fans ヽ(^o^)ノ


"Makoto stop that. You look so silly when you wear those."
"Is that so? Then why are you flustered? Look at me in the eye."

BAND AU! Wherein Makoto is the lead vocalist and Haru is the drummer. During their photoshoots these two would often forget that there are people in the room looking at them. Often the interviewers would question about their closeness saying that they’re a bit too close as childhood friends and Makoto would always smile and go "We just love each other a bit too much!" Then Haru would slap him randomly from the back where he prefers to sit so people won’t see how red and shy he gets. Close-up flustered Haru